Voting For War, But Not For The Troops

Throughout his time representing Nashville in Congress, Jim Cooper has been a strong supporter of George W. Bush’s War in Iraq. Yet even while he voted for blank check after blank check to fund the Iraq war, he also worked diligently to oppose a New GI Bill that would have made sure bill provided funds to make sure every American veteran would be able to afford a college education.

Since 2003, Jim Cooper has repeatedly supported unpaid-for war supplemental bills in Congress that spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the War in Iraq. But when a bipartisan group of Representatives wanted to include several million dollars in funding to help veterans afford a college education, Jim Cooper actually threatened to oppose the bill. Blank checks for a trillion-dollar war? Fine with Jim Cooper.

Making sure our brave troops returning from war were given the opportunity to get a college education? Not so much, it seems. (But he was willing to support a $108 Billion European bank bailout!) Just one more way in which Jim Cooper has been out-of-step with his constituents.

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