Bluehost Discounts – Where to Find Them

They demand that you indication up for at minimum four months. It is low cost. You can have it for as minimal as $0.05/month. You’re fortunate since most of the hosting companies contend on lessening the it’s value just for the sake of attracting long term consumers. Having these possibilities will improve the social existence on your web site and it is really important to Read More →

Australian Govt Plans Help For Small Businesses

The Australian government plans labor market changes to¬†help small businesses struggling to cope with last year’s tax changes, a spokesman for Small Business Minister Ian Macfarlane said Wednesday.  The comments follow the release of a leaked Cabinet document by the opposition Labor Party showing the government may ease regulations for small businesses.  “Some of the issues have already been to Cabinet, such as Read More →

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 lands at Carphone Warehouse in the UK

Another day, another Galaxy Tab launch. The latest Tab to be released is the awkwardly-named Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which is now available at the Carphone Warehouse in the UK for £199 (~$315) for the 8GB Wifi-only version. The Galax Tab 2 7.0 is a re-imagining of the Tab 7 Plus, and includes a 1GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 1024×600 TFT display and Read More →

Gargantuan SQL injection infects 3.8 million URLs, installs rogue antivirus

Over the last few days, a mass SQL injection attack has been quickly gathering speed. Just three days ago only 28,000 URLs were affected, but at the time of writing, there could be up to 3.8 million infected URLs. Websense has a complete write up the attack, dubbed ‘LizaMoon,’ but here’s the basic gist: it looks like someone is exploiting a vulnerabilty (or vulnerabilities) in Read More →

Squrl: Find The Best Videos and Shows to Fuel Your TV Needs [App Of The Day]

You finished the first season of Downton Abbey in just one night and you’re hard up for a new show. What should you watch? With Squrl, a video discovery app, you’re never going to forget another tip, and even if you do, you’ll have good content on hand to check out. More » Source: EMC ATandT FIRST SOLAR EASTMAN KODAK CO HCL TECHNOLOGIES

AK-7 MIDI Keyboard Knows the Music but Mumbles the Words

Apple’s Garage Band for Mac is loaded with an array of virtual instruments. The application is capable of imitating brass, strings, winds and percussion, as well as a whole stable of fully synthesized noises with names like “Synchro Nice” and “Future Flute.” Source: FEI COMPANY LAM RESEARCH KDDI DIGITAL CHINA HOLDINGS SUN MICROSYSTEMS

Instacast 2.0 and the concept of “added value”

Instacast 2.0 is a significant update to one of the most popular iPhone podcast clients. It changes the user interface and user experience while lowering the entry price and adding an in-app purchase for additional functionality. Both of those things have caused some controversy. Our own Seth Clifford, co-host of iPhone & iPad Live and Iterate is clearly on the “ticked off” side of this Read More →

Apple stealthily extends free iCloud storage bonus for MobileMe users from June to September, 2012

When Apple announced their free iCloud service at WWDC 2011, users of the previous, paid, MobileMe service were given a temporary boost in storage. The extra storage was previously set to expire in June of 2012. According to a recent change in Apple’s MobileMe to iCloud transition FAQ, however, that’s now been extended until September. Source: SUN MICROSYSTEMS FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SVCS INVENTEC MICROS Read More →

Google’s Blogger platform adds five new HTML5 Dynamic Views

Google, as part of its ongoing and much-needed overhaul of its popular Blogger platform, has just enabled five dynamic, HTML5ish, AJAXy ‘Dynamic Views’. There’s a video introducing the new layouts after the break. The five new views provide fresh and interesting ways to explore your favorite Blogger blogs. The Mosaic view, for example, creates a wall of thumbnails — click one, and it zooms to Read More →

webOS 3.0 beta now available to developers

With the webOS 3.0 SDK available for almost two months, HP has now given developers access to a beta download of webOS 3.0 — which powers the upcoming TouchPad and will likely ride along on HP desktops and laptops in the form of an emulator. Right now, the webOS 3.0 beta is only available to Early Access developers. The crew at PreCentral states that HP Read More →

Google demands veto on OEM Android changes, stretches definition of ‘open source’

Google, according to reports from “a dozen executives working at key companies in the Android ecosystem” is finally locking down the open source and easily-fragmented Android operating system. As it currently stands, Google hands over the ‘final’ code for each version of Android, and OEMs and developers then spend some time customizing the OS to fit their hardware, and to create a unique and marketable Read More →

Does Samsung?s Galaxy S III Smartphone Even Need Quad-Core Power?

Quad-core phones and tablets are on the way. But, even though Samsung has just announced the quad-core-powered Galaxy S III smartphone, experts concede that most of the benefits quad-core devices offer won’t be realized anytime soon. Source: LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL QUANTUM CANON COGNIZANT TECH SOLUTIONS DELL

Try a Taste of FXI Cotton Candy

We first reported a prototype of the FXI Cotton Candy in November 2011, and a new updated version is now available for pre-order for $199 with limited availability in March 2012. As a quick reminder, the Cotton Candy is a self contained USB memory stick sized computer device that allows users to connect to personal [...] Source: QUEST SOFTWARE VERISIGN VIEWSONIC LAND SOFTWARE

Siri vs. Android: Which Is Better at Understanding Voice Commands? [Video]

Motorola created a bit of a stir yesterday when it released a video compared Android’s Voice Actions on the Atrix 2 with iOS’s Siri on an iPhone 4S. Fanboys screamed foul in the comments, so we decided to test it out for ourselves. And yes, there’s a very clear winner. More » Source: SES ACER UNISYS HON HAI PRECISION IND

Women Might Replenish Their Eggs Like Men Do Sperm [Science]

Until about 2004, most scientists believed that women were born with all the reproductive eggs they would have for the rest of their lives. Then a scientist named Jonathan Tilly published research that claimed women might actually replenish their supply of eggs throughout their lives. More » Source: TOTAL SYSTEM SERVICES QUEST SOFTWARE VERISIGN VIEWSONIC