Grand Opry Business Owners Spill the Music Beans

Lets face it the murky world of tickets sales doesn’t really lend itself to one of upstanding morals and associations with mecca venues of US institutions such as “Opryland – Grand Ole Opry”.

The evil ticket sellers

The evil ticket sellers

Market leading online sales mega hoodoos Ticketmaster, StubHub and Viagogo have the market covered and its you the paying punter that gets stung here is the full picture why:

For this theoretical example Joe public is a huge Dave Matthews Band fan and it just so happens Joe lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Now bare with me.

Joe goes online types in the search operator DAVE MATTHEWS BAND and clicks on the first link in Google and clicks through on the first result.

Joe then sees that there is an upcoming event where “The Dave Matthews Band” are appearing in a CMA festival at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Now Joe being a music fanatic and lover of all good music knows that the “Opryland” or Grand Ole Opry to give it its rightful name is the home of country and western music.

Featuring some of the all time greats and contemporary artists like Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley, Charlie Daniels Band, Claire Lynch Band, Chris Stapleton, Jeannie Seely, Katie Armiger, and Jimmy Wayne

This mecca sports a museum, hotel, tour venue as well as its main attraction which is showcasing the livest and brightest Country ans western singers this side of… well er Tennessee!

Back to the story.

So Joe has

  • Found the artists next gig
  • got a schedule of when the artist is playing
  • picked his date and venue
  • decided he loves the venue ie. Opry.
  • next step got to find the best price ticket

Now, this is where the ambiguity comes into ticket buying for a major concert or popular artist gig.

Lets get to some basics dear Sherlock.

The whole ticket buying/selling industry is built on supply and demand. The more people want a ticket the more prices go up. The concert is a flop and no one wants the tickets the prices decrease. Ticket touts crying I hear you say, no fortune ball I hear you gasp!

This balancing act has upset and caught out many a people over the years. All because of greed.

Simple, if you see a ticket priced at 50 USD and you want it you buy it asap. The problem  is with the big vendors they see the demand and steadily increase the prices of the 50 USD ticket to 60 USD and keep increasing it until they are all sold out.

To make matters worse the big ticket seller don’t sell direct tickets i.e they don’t possess the tickets they are just a marketplace like eBay for example.

I recently bought a ticket for a One Direction concert and paid 165 USD for a standing place in area 1. This went on sale 5 months before the concert started, fair enough.

Then closer to the event my friend wanted to come. So we found a ticket in the same standing room only area 1 and guess what they ticket was on sale 57 bucks cheaper! Yep my friend who is not even a big fan and decided to go at the last minutes saved 57 USD more than me the hardened fan who bought and waited patiently clicking refresh repeatedly whilst chewing on my credit card in case I missed out!